On the Issues

Managing Growth

The number one issue continuing to face our community is that of rapid growth. Southern Greenville County is growing, with northern Laurens County right behind it - and Fountain Inn is at the intersection of it all.


Maintaining our infrastructure is a vital job that never ends, but over the last four years, we’ve put more attention on city-wide infrastructure than ever before, all to ensure our residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

Public Safety

As our community has grown, so too has our need to grow and maintain our public safety departments. Over the last four years we’ve made some critical moves to strengthen our Police and Fire Departments, and there’s more to come.

Economic Development

During the last election, we promised to focus on commercial growth, and it’s a promised we’ve kept. Since being elected, we've made local economic development a priority, resulting in more ribbon cuttings, more jobs, and stronger relationships.

Quality of Life

Major park upgrades, stellar special events, community service projects, and support for our historic and cultural sites. We've kept a focus on what makes Fountain Inn, so great - our quality of life. 

Responsible Government

Government closest to the people is the most effective. We’ve embraced this philosophy and have made City Hall more accessible, transparent, and accountable.